Effective Home Remedy for Constipation


Try this home remedy for constipation, Olive oil for constipation: Olive oil stimulates your digestive system, which helps get things moving through your colon, and taken regularly it can prevent constipation as well. You will need…. Olive oil Lemon Juice   You need to do….. Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (optional) In the ...

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Effective Home Remedy for Indigestion


A Simple and an effective home remedy for indigestion. Apple cider vinegar for Indigestion: Apple cider vinegar is often used to kick start a slow stomach. Though acidic in nature, it also has an alkalizing effect that helps settle indigestion. What you need: Apple cider vinegar A cup of water Honey What you need to do: Add one tablespoon of ...

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Effective Home Remedy for Sore Throat


Try this simple and effective remedy for Sore throat at your home. Gargle with Salt Water: By gargling with salt water you decrease the swelling in your throat, as salt’s primary function is to draw out water, which in turn shrinks the swollen cell and eases the pain. What you need: Warm Water Salt What you need to do: 1 ...

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Effective Home Remedy for Toothache


Try this effective home remedy for Toothache. Salt and Pepper: Salt mixed with pepper can be of great use when a tooth becomes sensitive as both the ingredients have anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. What you need: Salt Pepper Water What you need to do: Mix equal amount of pepper and common salt with a few drops of water ...

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Effective Home Remedy for Earache


Instead of purchasing expensive and often ineffective pharmaceuticals with side effects, try these effective home remedy for Earache. Garlic for Earache: The analgesic and anti-biotic properties of garlic can help reduce earache caused by an ear infection. What you need: Garlic cloves Sesame Oil What you need to do: Heat one teaspoon of minced garlic in two tablespoons of sesame ...

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Top 5 Home Remedies for Kidney Stones


Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body. The Kidneys help to detox and filter impurities from the blood, as well as waste product from your urine. Kidney stones form when the kidneys are not able to process toxins efficiently. These stones can cause pain and possible blockage of urine flow. If you’re experiencing severe abdominal ...

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Kidney Stones – Causes and Symptoms

inflamed kidneys

In earlier post, we have discussed about Kidney Stones – Sizes and Types. In this post, we are gonna see the causes and symptoms of Kidney Stones, Risk factors for kidney stones Dehydration is a major risk factor for kidney stone formation.  Kidney can make less than one liter of urine per day. This is why kidney stones are common ...

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Kidney Stones – Sizes, Types and Remedies


Kidney stone, or renal calculi, is a hard, crystalline mineral material. As the kidneys filter waste from the blood, they create urine. Sometimes, salts and other minerals in urine stick together to form small kidney stones. Kidney stones usually originate in your kidneys, but can develop anywhere along your urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and ...

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